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News - Patient Survey “comments from patients”

What do you like best about our centre?

Always helping

No need for appointment

To see the Doctor

I can walk in and see not just a doctor but Liz and John and talk my problems out rather than act on them that is where the trouble takes me and to make sure I take my meds

Compassionate and considerate staff

The staff and doctors, nurses are friendly. Very keen to assist all avenues


I like the way I am treated

Happy place to be

Very good

One to one

Explanation, treatment, helpful

The doctor looking and caring about patient and nurse who are both great

Staff are understanding and explain stuff and easy to talk to and helpful in difficult issues

Siddar (sic)

The reception is very patient and caring a please to come here and you feel safe

The constant support

The demeanour of the staff

The hot chick that work in reception

Calm and friendly

Quick and helpful, many services in one place

The staff’s friendly approach

Polite staff


Convenient easy to get to for myself. Helpful doctors and staff for homeless patients

The high quality of the staff

The staff and no appointment needed 


Drop in service

Easy access, friendly staff at reception, concerned medical staff

Don’t need an appointment

I can obtain the information and help I require

The staff


Competent and friendly people

Prompt service

The caring of the doctors and nurses

Always someone to see

You don’t need an appointment

It’s location – easy access


Good source of care


Very quick to be seen and always helpful

Great help and advice

The support one gives

No messing around and helpful healthcare staff

I like the staff especially my GP and nurses they are always there when I sick 

I like the GP they are very kind and helpful

Dr Reid


The healthcare staff always try their best to help out when you need help

Always there to help if they can’t and tell you where to go if they can’t

The reception are great

The care and attention to what is required from a doctor/nurse the listening and advising of what can or might happen

Is good place is very helpful

The door going out!

How you don’t need to make an appointment to see a doctor and can just drop in

Everything is good

The staff always try their best to help people with any needs

What do you like least?

I love it

No complaints


Sometimes the other clients are drunk or high on drugs and its disturbing also the toilets are always filthy

Sometimes the wait can be long

Waiting room can smell disgusting at times



 At times too many people waiting

 To come any time without appointments

The hours it’s open – and privacy and confidentiality and safety issues. Staff are friendly and helpful

Bollocks peoples

Sometimes the other patients waiting get aggressive

The waiting room and some of the waiting clients

The demeanour of the patients

The ugly chick that works upstairs

Commotion sometimes from patients

The clients



No real dislikes

The waiting room

My least concerns are too trivial to mention

Stairs to access it



People sleeping in the waiting room

The long waiting time

Could open earlier

Not open at weekends

Comfort of waiting room/taste of music

Waiting room and toilet

The noise the fan makes, only kidding it’s all good


Having to wait with other patients

 Being able to have my problems seen to

More reading material

The people smell very bad so I sit out in the corridor. A lot of people are dirty and smell very bad and they take drugs in the toilet but staff never catch them

None at all that I can complain about

Too small and hot no air or windows – smells

Sometimes it takes a long time to see the doctor

Sometimes when I come to see the doctor or nurse people are very loud and rude and they smell very bad and some of them bring drinks into the waiting room. It should not happen because some people have had problems with drinking in the past. If people are found with drinks they should be asked to take it out with them and not bring it with them as some people are trying to stay away from drugs and drinking. Thanks for all your help

Any other comments or suggestions for improvement?

Your (sic) doing a good job

None – more Doctors

Yes maybe some security patrol of the waiting rooms and check the toilets for drugs and alcohol use

Reception counter is not very private, everyone can hear what you are talking about

Find a way to deal with patients who do not need treatment e.g. boold test results a little bit faster

I need translator

Just amazing how many fucks you see

Bathroom is dirty and smelly

I don’t think any improvement is needed

I find it a very helpful centre and easy access in terms of location and issues with staff are explained in detail and all staff are very helpful and friendlyYou are doing a very good job

Sufficient at the moment, air conditioning and music good


 This is a stupid questionnaire


More leaflets and information

Better lighting in waiting room

Am sure staff are on top of things

Everyone is really kind and welcoming and it’s really nice to be here

Colours on the walls are not friendly should be light yellow, orange, green to be uplifting. More natural materials used in the furniture, floor etc. Include and invite art and creativity into the building- colours and pencils in the waiting room, paintings on the walls with uplifting colours

Better cleanliness and greater self responsibility by service users

Improvement of waiting room and toilet

Great service and help

Great service being provided

Good service no need for improvement

The staff are very appreciative and kind

Better tunes on the radio

Maybe afternoon opening time should be changed to 13.30 to give a seat before 14.00

I hate the place, too small, hot and all to many people

The only big problem is people keep on bringing drinks into the waiting area and the smell what comes there is not very nice I understand that most of the people are homeless but there should be help for them as most of them homeless people carry bad germs with them off the street that is a big risk to people that are not living on the street. It would also be nice to have a hand rub because of the germs homeless people bring into the centre. I also want to thank some of the staff for their help and kindness they have given me the staff have put up with so much rudeness from people so well done to them. Don’t give up your day job because you do your work well also I want to say sorry if I come across rude.