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Hope Worldwide “Two Steps”

Hope Worldwide “Two Step” has been an invaluable partner for many years. Thanks to their project: offering assistance to single, non-statutory priority homeless people; we have been able to assist numerous clients throughout the years in their journey to recovery. Such collaboration has been and continue to be, extremely helpful for our clients in their course to resettlement.



Case Study

Mr GM arrived in the UK in 1999, he claimed asylum. He was originally from Latvia, although he had a Russian birth certificate. His birth certificate was the only documentation he had with himself by the time he approached our medical centre in 2012. He presented with numerous medical problems, including Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Eczema, Obesity, and occasional alcohol misuse problems. He was sleeping on buses and his only means of income was the small change he earned selling the Big Issue.
Progressively, we managed to stabilise him on appropriate treatment and medication. We managed to obtain Identification (ID) and apply for welfare benefits on his behalf. He was granted ESA, PIP and a Freedom Pass.
However, we still needed to find a solution for his housing. Despite his medical problems and his age (61) the Local Authority would not entertain a statutory application for housing. We liaised with Hope Worldwide and GM was re-housed in a couple of weeks. He was able to contact his daughter who lives in Birmingham, reconnected with his family in Latvia and overall massively improved in his quality of life.