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Meet The Team

The Team

Since its creation Great Chapel Street has been working towards a comprehensive way of tackling the needs of thehomeless and putting the emphasis on access to services; reducing health inequality by looking at patients social and health circumstances and by placing them at the centre of the service provision. We also acknowledge the need to continue to provide health care services to those who lead a transient lifestyle.

The Client Group

The homeless adult population in Westminster, those who are rough-sleeping, are at risk of or have significant history of, or are resident in a hostel in Westminster, or in a boundary area. A wide range of clients: entrenched rough sleepers, clients with a significant history of rough sleeping, clients who may become entrenched rough sleepers, hostel, refuge and night shelter residents in Westminster or boundary areas, failed asylum seekers in Westminster, irregular and undocumented migrants, people who have recently left institutions such as local authority care, the armed forces or prison and who are at risk of rough sleeping.

We work holistically towards tackling health inequality and targeting a variety of multiple complex needs of a wide group of adult homeless vulnerable clients in Westminster.

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